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Popular Sandals 2019 | POPSUGAR Fashion

“Joey! My sandals are yellow, my bag is yellow, and this chair is yellow, so you have to take a photo of me,” I announced to my boyfriend 30 seconds before this pic was snapped. No, we didn’t have time for multiple poses because we had a dinner reservation to make it to, but I did want to show off my new footwear. Shoes then garlic bread.

With the resurgence of the ’90s minimalist heel and the hype about sporty Velcro slides all taking hold in 2019, fashion editors and stylists had a lot of designs to pick from this year. While I challenged myself to find a colorful, strappy pair that was actually comfortable, Aemilia from The Zoe Report finally splurged on the sporty, rubber Prada flatforms she’d been eyeing, and Alyssa Coscarelli is walking around in delicious hunter green sandals under $100 that everyone presumes to be vintage.

I checked in with some of the most stylish writers and influencers around — including my POPSUGAR crew, of course — to find out which sandals, whether heels or flats, they’ve become devoted to this past season. You’d be smart to invest in any of these picks if you like to shop for items that have been tried and tested. I know I do.

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